Our supply chain

New Zealand

New Zealand offers all the benefits of a guarantee for customers seeking an integrated secured industry.
At the opposite of France, these two islands far away from industrialized areas with a temperate climate zones offer solid advantages to its breeding.
Thanks to the climate, sheep and cattle are raised outdoors and are fed exclusively with grass.

New Zealand Veterinary services are ubiquitous on the ground (breeding, transportation livestock, slaughter/process, …) and are recognized worldwide for their management of biosafety.


Our commitments

Animal welfare supply chain regularly audited (100% of the animals are stunned before slaughter).

Constantly connected to our networks (to ensure that the products are in high customer expectations).

Contributing in reducing the carbon footprint (our containers are unloaded in harbour areas to avoid empty returns).

Our approach

Our philosophy lies in the commitment to offer our customers products from New Zealand with a simple and solid sourcing. That means using a simple line supply chain avoiding intermediates as much as possible with regular deliveries throughout the year.

Our industry is based on strong human commitments throughout the stages, namely: breeding through slaughter and process/final inspection before marketing.

Our strong presence on the ground in New Zealand provides our customers visibility in the markets in a global context of high volatility.
NZ Direct is the choice of Lamb import, a quality meat to serve customers purposes.

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Where to find our products

We sell our products Lamb, Black Angus Beef and Goat mainly on Food service and Catering, Retail chains, Home Service/freezer centers and ready-to-eat meals factories.

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