Sales term


Our goods and deliveries are subject to these conditions on the requirements of the buyers unless express written waiver by us .


Any complaint regarding the quality or quantity of the goods delivered must , to be eligible , be received in writing to NZ SAS DIRECT within 48 hours of receipt of goods.

ATTENTION: Our frozen goods are not prepared, unless otherwise specified, for retail sale.
The obligation to affix labels and regulatory information is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Even after delivery, the transfer of ownership of the goods from the seller to the buyer is suspended until full payment is received .

The frozen product is best consumed within 24 months after the date of freezing .

In the case of force majeure or exceptional events that disturb the smooth running of manufacturing operations , packaging, billing and delivery, it shall not be required penalties for late delivery or incomplete delivery.


Our goods ship free travel even at the risk of the recipient who will take all reservations with the carrier solely responsible for delays in delivery , theft or damage occurred in transit . Goods are subject to drying, starting weight is the only valid .


Invoices are payable on the due dates and, if payment effects , they must be returned to us within ten accepted their creation date.
NZ SAS DIRECT reserves the right to require all payment guarantees to the client and to reduce or suspend any order , the amount charged exceeds the outstanding customer says or if other financial and legal information should leave a doubt about its ability to honor its commitment .


FRESH PRODUCTS Pursuant to Act 92-1442 of 31/12/92 time payment giggled exceed 20 days from the date of delivery.

FROZEN PRODUCTS : In accordance with Act 96-588 of 1 July 1996, the payment period may not exceed 30 days from the end of ten days from delivery date.
By express agreement, the failure to pay our delivery deadline will result in a litigation procedure and the application titles damages in an amount equal to 15% of the amount paid , in addition to court costs and interest delay equal to 1.5 times the legal interest rate .


The default of a single effect or a single invoice when due shall immediately and automatically without notice, due all claims of our own society unmatured .

The immediate demand is still incurred automatically , automatically and without notice , regardless of the payment terms previously agreed in the following cases :
– 1 : a change of status of the purchaser , or any event affecting his capacity as death, disability, difficulties or insolvency, liquidation of assets …
– 2nd : the case of sale, transfer , pledge , fusion, implementation management , implementation or participation capital contributions of its business or its equipment by the buyer.


NZ SAS DIRECT reserves ownership of the goods described in this document until full payment of their price in principal and interest. Full payment is cashing bank of the amount due .

Until that date and the date of delivery , the buyer assumes responsibility for damage that these goods may suffer or cause for what reason whatsoever . He must ensure , at its own expense and risk , conservation in compatible with perishable goods sold conditions.
The purchaser is entitled , under normal operation of his business , to resell the delivered goods. In exchange for permission to sell , the buyer irrevocably assigns to the seller claims to be born or created in its favor resale to third party purchaser. The buyer is also authorized , under normal operation of his business to transform goods.

In this case, the buyer gives already the property of the object resulting from the processing to ensure the rights of the seller.
If the goods delivered is formed with other goods not belonging to the seller , it acquires ownership of the new item in proportion to their rights.


For all disputes relating to the implementation or interpretation of this transaction, shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Lorient .