Your delivery

All our products are refrigerated (chilled) and vacuum-packed, which allows to protect them and optimize their conservation.

Open your package you received only when you are ready to transfer the products to the coldest part of your refrigerator. We advise you to carry out this transfer operation to your fridge within 12 hours of receipt of your package. Between the time the parcel is delivered to our carrier and your delivery, it generally takes less than 24 hours and in the worst case, a new delivery occurs within 24 hours.

At the time of the validation of your order, if you want a specific delivery date other than the one proposed in the diagram below, you can choose one by mentioning it in the note section when you order.

In the shortest delivery time we work on the following schedule:

  • Order between Friday and Monday before 12:00 PM: Delivery on Wednesday before 1:00 PM
  • Order between Monday after 12:00 PM and Tuesday before 12:00 PM: Delivery on Thursday before 1:00 PM
  • Order between Tuesday after 12:00 PM and Wednesday before 12:00 PM: Deivery on Friday before 1:00 PM
  • Order between Wednesday after 12:00 PM and Thursday before 12:00 PM: Delivery on Saturday before 1:00 PM

Our packages are as isothermal as a cooler. We use the revolutionary “Airliner” process, it uses the advantages of an effective insulator: air. Depending on the season and the weight, we charge in food gel which allows to guarantee a temperature less than or equal to 2°C at the moment of the opening of your parcel. These gels can be re-used as a source of cold for your cooler or for your next picnic! (To be stored in your freezer).

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